HC Deb 01 December 1882 vol 275 c476

asked the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, If the Treasury will grant any facilities for the creation of a local Harbour Board for the management of the Port of Clare Castle, and the improvement of the navigation of the River Fergus to that point?

MR. COURTNEY (in answering the Question)

said: The suggestion in this Question has already been under consideration, and it is so at the present time. It involves the breaking up of the Shannon Trust, which would require legislation, and the distribution of its assets, liabilities, duties, and privileges between a certain number of local bodies. To this the Government have already professed themselves favourably disposed in principle; but the constitution of the local bodies presents much difficulty.


also asked, If the Treasury will consent to grant the surplus sum, amounting to considerably over £2,000, to the credit of the Port of Clare Castle, to improving the navigation of the River Fergus to that place?


I am not aware of any such balance as that named in the Question now standing to the credit of Clare Castle; but my answer to the previous Question will have shown the hon. Member that his suggestion, though, premature at present, will be duly considered at the proper time, should the course indicated in that answer prove capable of adoption.