HC Deb 15 August 1882 vol 273 c1808

NEW WRIT ISSUED—For Halifax Borough, v. John Dyson Hutchinson, esquire, Chiltern Hundreds.

EAST INDIA REVENUE ACCOUNTS—Resolution [August 14] reported.

PRIVATE BILLS (by Order)—Withdrawn—Channel Tunnel Railway; South Eastern Railway (Channel Tunnel)*.

PUBLIC BILLS—Resolution [August 14]reported—Fishery Board (Scotland) [Salaries and Expenses]*.

Second Reading — Cathedral Statutes [232] [House counted out].

Committee—Report—Consolidated Fund (Appropriation).

CommitteeReportConsidered as amendedThird Reading — Ancient Monuments [263]; Fishery Board (Scotland) [240], and passed.

considered as amended—Third Reading—Married Women's Property [191]; Citation Amendment (Scotland) [267], and passed.

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