HC Deb 15 August 1882 vol 273 cc1836-7

wished to ask the Under Secretary of State for the Colonies, If he could inform the House whether Her Majesty's Government had come to any decision to restore the ex-King Cetewayo to Zululand; and, if so, what means it was proposed to adopt to prevent civil war and to secure the appointed Chiefs in the rights secured to them by Sir Garnet Wolseley's settlement?


in reply, said: Her Majesty's Government have determined to consider the possibility of making arrangements for the partial restoration of Cetewayo to Zululand, with proper safeguards and conditions. Some portion of the country, to be hereafter defined, will be reserved in order to meet obligations towards those of the appointed Chiefs and people who may not be willing to return under Cetewayo's rule. A British Resident will be maintained in Zululand, and Cetewayo will be required to enter into engagements similar to those by which the 13 appointed Chiefs are now bound, which specially include a prohibition to revive in any form the military system formerly prevailing. No portion of Zululand will be annexed to British territory. I may add that a communication to the effect of the foregoing was made this morning to Cetewayo by the Secretary of State for the Colonies.