HC Deb 09 August 1882 vol 273 c1279

asked the Secretary of State for the Home Department, with reference to the Report for 1881 of the Metropolitan Police on the Contagious Diseases Acts, Whether he can inform the House how many of the 140 public houses and 260 beer houses in the districts subjected to the Acts returned as having been used as brothels between the years 1865 and 1881 have been deprived of their licences at the instance of the local or of the Metropolitan Police engaged in the administration of the Acts; and, if not, whether he has any objection to granting a Supplementary Return containing the information; and, whether the Metropolitan or the local Police intend to take steps to procure the withdrawal of the licences of the five public houses and three beer houses at Chatham, the two public houses and one beer house at Shorncliffe, and the beer house at Maidstone, which appear by Return, No. 3, to be still used for immoral purposes?


said, that there was no reason for refusing the Supplementary Return asked for; but the question of the withdrawal of the licences of the public-houses and beerhouses mentioned by the hon. Member was one for the consideration of the local authorities.