HC Deb 04 August 1882 vol 273 cc751-2

asked the Prime Minister, Whether the House would sit to-morrow (Saturday), and, if so, what business would be taken?


said, he desired to plead with the Prime Minister as to whether, seeing that the Entail (Scotland) Bill had passed through the House of Lords, that it had already passed through two stages in this House, and that it was the only crumb of comfort that Scotch occupiers of land, whether landlords or tenants, were likely to get this Session, if it was impossible to bring it on to-night, it would be possible to give that Bill the first place tomorrow?


Sir, if I were to do so, I am afraid some English Members would rise and complain that Scotland has had such a very large proportion of the legislation of the present year—that is to say, that out of three Bills, we intend to pass two belonging to Scotland—and perhaps the claim might not seem to be so strong. However, we shall do the best we can with respect to this Bill; but it is impossible at the present moment to come to any decision until we see what is to be done with other Bills on the Paper to-day. These are the Turnpike Roads (South Wales) Bill, Isle of Man Officers Bill, Government Annuities and Assurance Bill, Royal Irish Constabulary Bill, Entail (Scotland) Bill, Artizans Dwellings Bill, Pensions Commutation Bill, Supreme Court of Judicature Amendment Bill, and the Lunacy Regulation Amendment Bill. These are the Bills that will stand for consideration to-morrow, unless anything should arise in the proceedings to-night to make another course desirable.


Any other Business besides these Bills?


No other Business.

In answer to Sir Walter B. BARTTELOT,


said, that the Army Estimates would be taken on Monday next.