HC Deb 01 August 1882 vol 273 cc499-500

Resolutions [31st July] reported.

Resolutions 1 to 5, inclusive, agreed to.

Resolution 6.


said, that in Committee on this Vote he asked the Secretary to the Treasury whether the Government were prepared to accede to certain suggestions which had, year after year, been made to them with regard to the appointment of a Fishery Board for the protection of the coast fisheries in Ireland, in order that the Scotch might not be treated with exceptional favour in this matter. He reminded the Committee that the late Lord Frederick Cavendish promised last year that if he found the representations made on the subject were true, he would see that the suggestion was acted upon. He (Mr. Arthur O'Connor) had consulted the Reports of the Inspectors of Fisheries for 1879, 1880, and 1881; and he found that in every one of those years the Inspectors reiterated the recommendations which they had made in previous years with reference to the neglect of the Irish Fisheries. In the last Report on Irish Fisheries it was stated that it was absolutely necessary that a steamer should be employed to prevent the attacks which were made by French fishermen on the coasts of Kerry and Cork. Under the circumstances he hoped the Secretary to the Treasury would see his way to redeem the promise which the late noble Lord, his Predecessor, made.


said, since last night he had made inquiries in this matter, and he had found, as he had suggested, that the matter did not rest with the Treasury. It was a question for the Irish Government to examine into. He had communicated with the Irish Office, and they had undertaken that the matter should have their attention.

Resolution agreed to.

Remaining Resolutions agreed to.