HC Deb 25 April 1882 vol 268 cc1403-4

asked the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, What has been the result of the sworn inquiry into the conduct of Governor Eager, of Limerick Gaol; whether on Sunday the 2nd instant bread was refused by the "suspects" as being sour; whether on the doctor certifying that this was not the case, and the opinion of an independent doctor being asked, this was refused; whether in every case of complaint an independent inquiry apart from the regular officials will be granted; if not, whether it is the fact that it is the officials who supply him with the information which he gives to this House; whether Mr. Power, confined in Limerick Gaol, wrote to him on the 31st March, pointing out that, although no outrage had been committed in Tralee since his imprisonment on the 20th October last, he is still detained in prison; whether no reply has been given to this letter; and, whether there is any reason for the further detention of Mr. Power?


, in reply, said, that the result of the inquiry into the conduct of Governor Eager was that he had been cautioned to be more careful in future that improper communications should not be passed out of the prison, and that all unnecessary interference with letters should be carefully avoided. He had also been directed to avoid as much as possible the infliction of punishment, and all unnecessarily stringent regulations, especially with regard to visits to prisoners. With regard to the bread supplied in the gaol, a few of the prisoners had complained of it, and this and other complaints had been inquired into by the Prisons Board, and most of them were found to be trivial. No request was made for an independent inquiry. The medical officer, however, had reported favourably on the bread. As for the case of Mr. Power, a letter had been received from him, and his complaint had been considered by the Lord Lieutenant, who had been forced to the conclusion that he ought to remain in custody. He was, however, allowed out on parole, and on his further application it was extended to the 18th instant.