HC Deb 21 April 1882 vol 268 cc1101-2

asked the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, If it be true that, on the 16th of October last, Andrew Gallaher, and his brother, Patrick Gallaher, of Bally-brittas, in the Queen's County, were arrested on a charge of having, on the previous night, fired at and wounded a number of men in the employment of the Emergency Committee, and who, at the time, were engaged in removing a threshing machine from one farmer's place to another, along the public road; if it be true that the charge against the said Andrew and Patrick Gallaher was more than once investigated in private, by the local magistrates, in the County Gaol in Maryborough; if it be true that, on the last occasion when such investigation took place, the magistrates decided to discharge the two Messrs. Gallaher, as there was no evidence to connect them with the crime; if it be true that when the two Messrs. Gallaher had proceeded so far as the gate leading from the gaol they were arrested on a warrant under the Coercion Act, charging them with a totally different offence, namely, inciting others to an act of intimidation; and, if it be true that the said Andrew and Patrick Gallaher were then and there conveyed to Naas Gaol, where they are still detained under the Lord Lieutenant's warrant?


Yes, Sir; the facts are, I believe, as stated in the Question.