HC Deb 18 April 1882 vol 268 cc875-6

asked the Postmaster General, Whether, under the Act 1 Vic. c. 36, and 3 and 4 Vic. c. 96, sees. 36, 37, and 61, owners of British ships, not being under actual contract, can be compelled to carry parcels forwarded (under existing rules) through the Post Office to India, China, Australia, Cape of Good Hope, America, and other Countries, on the terms of a gratuity of not exceeding one penny for each parcel, irrespective of weight, payable to the master of the ship at the option of the Postmaster General; or, if not on these, on what other terms; if so, will these powers of compulsion be applicable to parcels forwarded under the proposed new Parcels Post; and, if this will not apply, do the Government intend to bring in a Bill to enable the Post Office to compel shipowners, so described, to convey to such Countries such parcels, in addition to all other Postal matter which may be tendered on board their ships?


I am advised that the power can be legally exercised to which reference is made in the Question of my hon. Friend; but I am sure that, when an International Parcels Post is established, there will be no desire on the part of the Government to deal otherwise than fairly with shipowners.