HC Deb 31 May 1881 vol 261 cc1777-8

asked the First Lord of the Treasury, Whether his attention has been called to a letter published in the "Free State Journal," attributed to Sir Morrison Barlow, the British Agent in Swazi Land, and in which the writer alludes to a belief, on the part of the Boers, that a Swazi army was then waiting for his orders to "rush into the district (Transvaal) slay, burn, and destroy all and everything," and goes on to say—"There are few things would give me greater pleasure than to receive such an order;" and, whether, in case it shall be proved that Sir Morrison Barlow is the writer, Her Majesty's Government will take steps to remove him from a post in which he may endanger the peace of the Empire?


Sir, I cannot answer the Question in detail; but I can acquaint the hon. Member of that which will sufficiently meet his purpose. This letter has been noticed by Sir Evelyn Wood. I believe that, as the hon. Member states, there is no doubt as to the authorship of the letter, and that, in consequence, Sir Evelyn Wood suggested to Lord Kimberley that leave of absence should be given to the gentleman who had written the letter. Lord Kimberley has acted upon that suggestion.


wished to know whether any further information had been received with regard to attempts to incite the Natives against the Boers in the Transvaal?


Sir, as far as I am aware, no such attempts have been made. I feel very confident that we had not, up to last evening, received anything in the nature of authentic information on the subject.