HC Deb 26 May 1881 vol 261 cc1327-8

asked the Vice President of the Council, Whether before deciding on any plans for the building of the new Science and Art Museum and National Library in Dublin the Corporation of Dublin will be consulted; and, whether in the construction of the National Library regard will be had to the improved mode of construction which separates the public reading rooms from those in which the books are stored?


asked whethey, considering the number of years the project had been under consideration, the Government would use all their exertions to bring it to a speedy completion?


, in reply, said, there had been no delay since the matter came into their hands. The only hindrance they had experienced, they had experienced in the City of Dublin itself. As the hon. Gentleman (Mr. Dawson) was, no doubt, aware, the acquisition of the Leinster Lawn site was wanted, and the Government were pre- pared to acquire it immediately they came into Office. They had, however, been defeated by local opposition. Now they were thrown back upon the Kildare Street site, and they were making arrangements for a public competition in respect to the plans and valuations for the proposed new buildings. Every facility would be given for the criticism of the plans by the Corporation and the public generally before a selection was made. The hon. Member might rest assured that the Government would do all it could to secure the best possible arrangements for the Library; but it would be premature to state before the plans were prepared what those arrangements would be. He could assure both the hon. Gentlemen the Government were as anxious to push the matter forward as they themselves were.