HC Deb 24 May 1881 vol 261 c1203

asked the senior Member for the University of Cambridge, Why the Trustees of the South Kensington Natural History Museum have withdrawn their announcement that such Museum would be open from May to the middle of July on Mondays and Saturdays till 8 p.m., and from the middle of July till the end of August, on the same days, till 7 p.m.; and, whether they are prepared to restore to the public the facilities of evening attendance which were originally given?


in reply, said, that the Trustees had every disposition to give the public the full benefit of the Natural History Collection at South Kensington as tar they could; but the arrangements for the Collection were still so imperfect, and the staff of assistants and attendants necessary for its superintendence was still so scanty, that he was afraid they could not open it till a later hour than they did at present. But as soon as they were able the Trustees would reconsider that matter, and, in the meantime, they would take care that the public should have such facilities for attendance as the circumstances would permit