HC Deb 24 May 1881 vol 261 cc1213-4

asked, Whether the Government had received any telegram that morning confirming the sad news, contained in a Central News telegram, regarding the death of the right hon. Gentleman the Governor of Madras? Mr. Adam was a Gentleman well known in the House, and was as much respected on the Conservative side as on the other. He (Mr. Onslow) had the best means of knowing that Mr. Adam was equally popular in Madras, and was administering the Presidency with much credit to himself and benefit to the country.


Sir, I am sorry to say that we have received this morning a telegram which confirms the news prematurely communicated to the House in the course of last evening. I cannot announce that fact to the House without thanking the hon. Member for Guildford (Mr. Onslow) for the exceeding good taste and feeling of the remarks he has made, and likewise acknowledging the perfect justice of the eulogy in every particular which he has passed on my right hon. Friend. No person, I think, was ever engaged in difficult times in the performance of difficult duties in this House who more completely succeeded in winning, or who better deserved, the esteem, of which we have now had from the hon. Member so gratifying a testimony.


Sir, after what has been said, I wish to add only a single word to what has fallen from my hon. Friend the Member for Guildford (Mr. Onslow), who so thoroughly expressed the feeling which I know animates the whole of the House. I join in the extreme feeling of regret felt at the loss of one so highly respected and so very much beloved.