HC Deb 23 May 1881 vol 261 cc1049-50

asked the President of the Board of Trade, What difficulties prevent the granting the Return ordered by Parliament on the 19th June 1879, relating to the names of the existing members of the Board of Trade, and the memorandum setting forth the order or charter under which members of the Board were originally appointed? Also, When he anticipates being able to lay upon the Table of the House a detailed statement showing how the Board of Trade have disposed of moneys received from the Admiralty on account of the Merchant Seamen's Greenwich Pension Fund?


Sir, the hon. Member put to me a similar Question on the 7th of January, and I am unable to add anything to the answer I then gave him, to the effect that the Order was dropped in consequence of the Dissolution. Of course it could be renewed; but I do not think that any public object would be served thereby, as all the information is already contained in books of reference at present in the Library of the House. As regards the second Question, I am informed that Papers will shortly be laid before Parliament showing the number of seamen to whom annuities have been granted and the amount paid to each annuitant, This will comprise al moneys received by the Board of Trade from the Admiralty.