HC Deb 05 May 1881 vol 260 c1831

asked the First Lord of the Treasury, Whether it will be necessary that the future President or Chief Authority of the Transvaal States should obtain the sanction of Her Majesty, as Suzerain, to his appointment?


Sir, Her Majesty's Government have not placed any limitation whatever upon the discretion of the Commissioners in this respect.[A laugh.] Therefore, they will be quite prepared for whatever arrangements the Commissioners may make. Sir, I think that the hon. and learned Gentleman who sneered is evidently quite ignorant that there have been Colonies in full relation to this country where Her Majesty has not appointed a Governor. Perhaps he has never taken it into consideration that in North America hereditary Colonies wore created where the Governor succeeded by birth, and not by appointment of Her Majesty, and that the Colony of Rhode Island had the privilege, after the first appointment, of electing its own Governor.