HC Deb 04 May 1881 vol 260 cc1799-800

Motion made, and Question proposed, That the Select Committee on Rivers Conservancy and Floods Prevention Bill do consist of Nineteen Members."—(Mr. Dodson.)


protested against the omission of hon. Members with special mercantile knowledge from the Committee to watch the interests of navigation. The great estuary of the Humber, with its affluents, the Trent and Ouse, formed the drainage outlet of one-third of the area of England; and the Humber Conservancy were desirous that the trading interests of Hull, Grimsby, Goole, and Gainsborough should be directly represented on the Committee; and he ventured to name the hon. Member for Great Grimsby (Mr. Heneage), who was a large landed proprietor in Lincolnshire, as acceptable to the Humber interests. He would not go to the length of opposing the appointment of the Committee; but would only express a hope that the Government would give the question some consideration, as he was of opinion that some hon. Members connected with the trade of the great estuaries should be nominated.


said, that in the absence of his right hon. Friend the President of the Local Government Board, he could not give an answer to the observations of the hon. Gentleman. He was sure, however, that if the hon. Gentleman would not oppose the appointment of the Committee, his suggestions would receive every consideration at the hands of his right hon. Friend. He would also remind him that the commercial and practical element could not be said to have been omitted in a Committee of which the hon. Members for Lincolnshire (Mr. Stanhope and Mr. J. C. Lawrance) and the hon. Member for Bedford (Mr. Magniac) were proposed as Members.


complained that there was no hon. Member to be proposed on the Committee representing the upland proprietors. He moved the adjournment of the debate.


in seconding the Motion, said, he objected to so large a number as five official Members being placed on the Committee.

Motion made, and Question proposed, "That the Debate be now adjourned."—(Mr. A. H. Brown.)


regretted that there was not an Irish Member to be proposed.


said, he also wished to point out that there was no shipowner mentioned for it.


hoped the Committee would be so constituted as to give thorough satisfaction to the persons and classes interested more particularly in the Bill. He trusted that the nomination of the Committee would be deferred.


said, he would agree, on behalf of the Government, to the adjournment of the debate.


hoped that hon. Members representing the uplands would find a place on the Committee.

Question put, and agreed to.

Debate adjourned till To-morrow.