HC Deb 31 March 1881 vol 260 c360

asked the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, Whether his attention has been called to a riot which took place in the town of Midleton, county Cork, on Tuesday the 21st, and to the fact that a house next door to the police barracks was wrecked, and that three houses were subsequently burnt down; whether he is aware that the police made no attempt to quell the disturbance, and that no arrests have since been made; whether, under the circumstances, a general meeting of the Land League, which has been summoned for Sunday next, and from which similar disorder may be feared to result, will be permitted to take place; and, whether the baronies of Clony and Kinalla, in the county Cork, have been proclaimed?


said, that one of the baronies in question had not been proclaimed; and the other, which was in the East Riding of the county, had been. He had expected to receive more information relative to the Question of the noble Lord than had yet reached him; but he hoped he would have it by to-morrow. He would, therefore, ask the noble Lord to repeat the Question; but he thought he might already say that the matter appeared to have been much exaggerated.