HC Deb 21 March 1881 vol 259 c1501

asked the President of the Local Government Board, What number of guardians in each of the metropolitan unions the Board have power to nominate, and how many gentlemen are now serving as nominated guardians; and, why the Board does not now proceed to exercise the power they possess to the full extent to make such nominations?


The Local Government Board have power to nominate such a number in each Union as would bring the number, together with the ex officio Guardians, to one-third that of the entire Board. My right hon. Friend will therefore see that the number varies with the total number of Guardians and the number of ex officio Guardians in each Union. There are now 29 gentlemen serving as nominated Guardians. The reasons why the Local Government Board have not exercised to the full their power of nomination are—first, the difficulty in some cases of finding qualified persons willing to undertake to discharge the duties regularly; and, secondly, the fact that in other cases the number of Guardians is already quite sufficient, or more than sufficient, for the transaction of the business of the the Union. In the case of Unions where nominated Guardians are really required—and these are, for the most part, the poorer Unions—the Board are always ready to consider with favour recommendations for the nomination of desirable persons.