HC Deb 18 March 1881 vol 259 cc1360-1

asked the Secretary to the Admiralty, Whether it is the fact that chief officers of the Coastguard of twenty years' standing only receive the same rate of pay as those of one year; and, what is the reason that they are not allowed progressive pay in common with all other officers of the Navy; is it the fact also that these officers are pensioned at the rate of £1 per annum for their service as seamen and petty officers in the Navy, whilst the warrant officers, with whom they rank, are pensioned at the rate of £1. 10s.; and, is this one of the reasons for the "lack of candidates" for the Coastguard Service mentioned by Admiral Phillimore in his recent Report?


It is the case, Sir, that chief officers of the Coastguard receive a fixed scale of pay, and not a progressive rate. It is 6s. a-day, with 16d. a-day for provisions, and they get besides a capital cottage, often in as agreeable a site as any residence in the country, kept in repair for them at the public expense. It is likewise the case that their pension is as stated by the hon. and gallant Member. If Coastguard officers, in addition to all their other advantages, had the same pecuniary position as these of their rank on board ships, no one would serve afloat, except on compulsion. There is no lack of candidates for the Coastguard, in which the numbers borne are at this moment only 16 below the numbers voted.