HC Deb 14 March 1881 vol 259 cc927-8

Order for Committee read.


I move, Sir, that you now leave the Chair, and in doing so I will only say that, the House having, for strong reasons, thought fit, with regard to the question of "urgency," to place the direction of its proceedings in the hands of the minority of the House, I, of course, accept and acquiesce in that decision. We shall now, Sir, allow the Motion to be made in the ordinary course, and I hope that hon. Gentleman in all quarters of the House will feel a disposition to expedite as far as they can the proceedings in and connected with Supply. As far as the Government are concerned, it will be our duty, of course, to watch the progress that may be made, only reserving our own discretion and liberty to make hereafter whatever proposals we may think may be required by the honour and dignity of the House, and by the convenience and necessity of Public Business.

Motion made, and Question proposed, "That Mr. Speaker do now leave the Chair."—(Mr. Gladstone.)


, who had on the Paper a Notice of Motion— That a Select Committee of this House be appointed to consider the working of 'The Artizans' and Labourers' Dwellings Improvement Act, 1875,' and the amending Act of 1879, with a view of considering how the expense of carrying out these Acts may be reduced, and also of inquiring into any causes which may have prevented the reconstruction of dwellings for the Artisan Class to the full extent contemplated and authorised by these Acts, and of recommending such Amendments as may be most expedient for carrying out the full intention of these Acts, and also to consider the working of the Metropolitan Streets Improvement Acts, 1872 and 1877, with the same objects, said, that in withdrawing it he gladly fell in with the suggestion of the Prime Minister, and he hoped that other Members who had Notices on the Paper would find some more convenient season for bringing them forward.


, who had given Notice that he would call attention to proceedings in Committee on the Peace Preservation (Ireland) Bill on Tuesday, March 8th, with regard to Order, and move— That Mr. Chairman of Committees was under an erroneous impression in informing the Committee that the Member for Dungarvan was disregarding the authority of the Chair, said, that although he felt that he and his constituents had suffered an undeserved wrong, yet in consideration of the exigencies of Public Business and in the hope that the important case involved would receive the fair attention of English Gentlemen, he did not propose to proceed with his Motion that night.

Question put, and agreed to.