HC Deb 09 March 1881 vol 259 cc658-9

asked Mr. Attorney General for Ireland, What offences the warrant discloses on which Mr. Boyton was arrested on Tuesday under the Protection of Person and Property Act, and if he can give the number of persons arrested under it up to the present, and their names?


In answer to the Question of the hon. Gentleman, I would beg to refer him to the 2nd sub-section of the 1st clause of the Protection of Person and Property (Ireland) Act just passed, by which he will observe that a copy of the warrant must be delivered, and has, of course, been delivered, to the gentleman to whom he refers. I would also refer the hon. Member to the 4th sub-section of the same clause, by which it is required that a list of the persons arrested, with the place of their detention and the ground of their arrest, shall be laid upon the Table of the House within the first seven days of each month during the Session of Parliament. Those are the sources of information to which I must refer the hon. Member. I desire to add that I have only just received the letter which the hon. Member was so courteous as to write to me last night, giving me Notice of the Question.

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