HC Deb 08 March 1881 vol 259 cc549-50

asked the President of the Local Government Board, Whether, in view of the alleged fre- quency of trichinosis in American and other hams and pork, and of the recent outbreak of diarrhœal disease traced to the presence of infecting organisms in pork at Welbeck by Dr. Ballard, and reported in the "British Medical Journal" of March 5th, he will suggest to the local sanitary authorities throughout the kingdom, to instruct their medical officers to make frequent microscopic examinations of pork and ham exposed for sale?


Sir, I believe no case of trichinosis has occurred in this country, and therefore I think there is no real cause of alarm on that score; but still, looking to the prevalence of that disease as reported in other countries, and to the Welbeck case, I thought it right, some days ago, to direct a Circular to be issued to the several sanitary authorities in the country calling their attention to the precautions to be used in the cooking of hams and pork, and also urging them to require of their medical officers especial vigilance in carrying out the regulations of the Public Health Act in regard to the examination of ham and pork exposed for sale. That Circular is in type and will be issued in a few days.