HC Deb 07 March 1881 vol 259 cc423-4

asked the Secretary to the Treasury, Whether the Commissioners of Quit-Rents in Ireland, contrary to their practice heretofore, have recently refused to allow quit-rent, for years payable out of estates about to be sold in the Court of the Land Judges, to be redeemed, where such rents are in fact only portions of larger rents payable out of the lands to be sold, in conjunction with other lands, unless the entire rent issuing out of the lands to be sold, and other lands not the subject of sale, be redeemed; or the rent be in the first instance legally apportioned; or a declaration be inserted in the conveyance from the Land Court that the lands sold shall remain liable to the unredeemed portions of quit-rent; whether such refusal is made, irrespective of the value of the security afforded by the lands remaining unsold for the unredeemed portion of quit-rent; whether such refusal has materially retarded the efficiency of the Land Court in effecting sales to tenants; and, whether the Quit-Rent Commissioners will be directed to recur to their former practice?


Perhaps my hon. Friend will excuse me from going into the details of his Question, as I think it is clear that the Commissioners of Woods have acted in accordance with the law which regulates the apportionment of quit-rent among different parcels of land liable to it. As, however, the application of the law appears to raise some difficulties, I propose to see whether any amendment can be effected which would enable a portion of an estate to be sold discharged from quit-rent, leaving the rest, which may not be before the Landed Estates Court, liable to pay an apportioned share of the quit-rent judicially ascertained.