HC Deb 30 June 1881 vol 262 c1651

asked the Secretary to the Admiralty, Whether the re-organisation of the Royal Marine Corps will take effect from the 1st July, and when will its details be made known to the House; and is any alteration in the pay of the private (Royal Marines) in contemplation by the Admiralty?


In the Order in Council of the 15th of January, 1878, affecting the promotion and retirement of the Royal Marines, the Regulations dated back to, and took effect from, the 1st of October, 1877. In the same way the changes which the Admiralty proposed to effect in matters relating to the corps of Royal Marines will come into operation from the 1st of July, 1881. What those changes are to be I will let the House know at a very early opportunity; and I should prefer not to make any partial statement until I can give them as a whole.