HC Deb 28 June 1881 vol 262 cc1482-3

asked the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, If he can hold out hope that His Excellency the Lord Lieutenant will permit the Limerick Town Council to submit three names of members of the Town Council to be made members of the Board of the Lunatic Asylum, in order to represent the Town Council thereon; and, whether a similar course has not been pursued with regard to the city of Cork?


in reply, said, the Corporation had made this request; but the city was already sufficiently represented on the Board. The population of the city was 38,700, and of the county, 138,000; the valuation of the county, £465,000, and of the city, £66,000. The Board consists of 26 Members, of which 10 might be taken as representing the interest of the county and eight of the city, while eight might be taken as representing both city and county. It appeared, therefore, that the city had a fair share of representation. As to Cork the facts were different there, and the Corporation had not the same share of representation on the Asylum Board.


asked whether, as vacancies arose, the Corporation would be allowed to submit the names of gentlemen to fill the vacant places on the Board?


would be glad to have the names of suitable persons submitted; but he could not without further consideration increase the members of the Board.