HC Deb 17 June 1881 vol 262 cc758-9

asked the honourable Baronet the member for Carlisle, When he intends to ask the leave of the House to introduce a Bill for the purpose of giving effect to the Resolutions adopted by the House upon the Motion proposed by him on Tuesday last?


Sir, in reply to my hon. Friend, I beg to say I am very much afraid that he has not seen the Circular which I issued and addressed to hon. Members the day before the discussion took place on the Local Option Resolution. Had he received it, he would have understood all about it, for he would have seen that the Motion was a simple confirmation of the Resolution adopted last year, and was designed to strengthen the hands of the Government in dealing with this urgent question at the earliest practicable moment. That was the intention of moving the Resolution. When I am asked if I intend to introduce a Bill, all I have got to say is that I have full confidence in Her Majesty's Government, which, as I understand, came into power mainly to vindicate the authority of Parliament. Therefore, I do not think it at all likely that they will ignore the instruction of the House of Commons, which clearly is the mandate of the country. If, however, the Go- vernment do not take action, then, of course, I shall have to consider what course I must adopt, and, in that case, I will give my hem. Friend due Notice of anything which I intend to propose, and I shall hope to have his co-operation and that of the hon. and learned Member for Bridport (Mr. Warton), and of the other Leaders of the Conservative Party.