HC Deb 16 June 1881 vol 262 c647

asked the Secretary to the Admiralty, Whether the distinctions conferred upon two Lieutenants of the Royal Naval Volunteers, whose appointments are dated respectively 17th November 1879 and 3ist May 1880, are included in those which were stated to be conferred by the Queen on officers of the Auxiliary and Reserve Forces who should, while in command of a regiment, have contributed in a marked degree to its efficiency?


Sir Allen Young and Lieutenant Inman have received their C.B.'s on the ground that they have "contributed in a marked degree to the efficiency of the branch of the Reserve to which they belong." The Memorandum which the hon. Member quotes refers to the land forces, and it was not, therefore, thought necessary to specify the exact qualifications of the officers of the Naval Auxiliary Forces, though they were mentioned in the Memorandum to show that they were to share in the number of honours allotted. They command brigades of Artillery, in the one case of 440, and in the other of 536 men; commands which may be fairly entitled to rank in importance with that of a battalion of Infantry Volunteers, and they are, I cannot but think, and I do not think the hon. Member disputes it, very proper recipients of the honour.