HC Deb 13 June 1881 vol 262 cc346-7

asked the Under Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, If he can give the House any information as to the condition of Affairs in Albania; if it is true that Dervish Pasha captured the Chiefs of the Albanian League by inducing them to come to Prizrend under the pretence of discussing a scheme of reforms with them, and that the Chiefs have now been sent to Constantinople for trial, and that it is the intention of Dervish Pasha to execute Abdul Frassais; what has become of Prenk Doda and Hodo Bey, who were seized and sent to Constantinople some months ago; and, if, considering that the demands of the Albanian Chiefs are reported to have been on the whole in union with the recommendations of the European Commission, the Forces of Her Majesty's Government will exert themselves on behalf of the captured Chiefs?


said, he would also like to ask the hon. Gentleman whether any answer had been received from Austria or Germany with regard to the proposals made by Her Majesty's Government for the execution of reforms?


Sir, it appears from the last Reports we have received that Dervish Pasha had overcome the resistance of the Albanians, and was taking steps to pacify the country. Most of the Albanian Chiefs had submitted to the Sultan. We have not heard that Dervish Pasha captured any Chiefs by treachery. Ali Pasha of Gussinje is stated to have come voluntarily to Dervish Pasha's camp, and to have assisted him in obtaining the submission of the other Chiefs. Abdul Bey Frassai was apprehended at Elbassan, and sent under escort to Prizrend to be tried by court martial. He is accused of having been employed to intrigue in the interest of Greece. Prenk Dodo and Hodo Bey are still in exile, I believe, at Constantinople. We do not know that any other Chiefs are in captivity, and there does not seem to be any ground for interference on the part of Her Majesty's Government on their behalf.