HC Deb 02 June 1881 vol 261 c1878

asked the Vice President of the Council, Whether it is true that an importation of cattle from Cyprus by a Member of this House has been prohibited by the Privy Council; and, if so, for what reason?


Sir, it is true that an application to land some goats, not cattle, from Cyprus has been refused by the Privy Council. There has been a very bad outbreak of cattle plague at Cyprus, which has destroyed large numbers of animals in the island, and which was suppressed with great difficulty. Moreover, by the General Order of Council of December 15, 1879, the landing of animals from the dominions of the Sultan was strictly prohibited, as a precaution against rinderpest; and as Cyprus is included in the dominions of the Sultan, we could not admit the animals in question to quarantine. On the grounds, therefore, of illegality and of risk, we felt bound to refuse any relaxation of the Order.