HC Deb 29 July 1881 vol 264 c122

asked the Secretary to the Admiralty, If any material assistance has been or is to be sent to the Shetland Islands by the Admiralty for the purpose of relieving the widows and orphans of the unprecedented number of fishermen who lost their lives in the gales of the 20th and 21st instant; and, whether the "Eagle" revenue cutter is a sailing or steam cruiser; and is the only vessel now cruising upon that station?


asked whether he might be allowed to supplement the Question by asking whether the Government would consider the propriety of giving assistance in the form of money?


Sir, the Admiralty has not sent any material assistance to the families of the fishermen who lost their lives in such a melancholy manner. It appears to be a proper case for a movement on the part of the general public, and I am glad to see that that is the opinion of some very influential gentlemen. The Eagle is a sailing cruiser of 118 tons. She was on the ground at the time of the sudden gale, and has been directed to cruise to the eastward and render assistance to disabled boats.