HC Deb 25 July 1881 vol 263 c1755

asked the Prime Minister, Whether, in view of the events which were taking place in the Mediterranean, in view of the action of France in North Africa, in view of the war France was now carrying on against Tunisian subjects, and in view of the large number of troops that were being massed on the Italian Frontier, the whole subject was not one that could be discussed with advantage in the House of Commons? He also wished to know whether the Prime Minister would be able to state what action in relation to that subject had been taken by Her Majesty's Government?


I shall be quite ready to answer the Questions of the noble Lord on this subject if he will postpone them for a short time. My reason for asking him to postpone them is that certain communications which have taken place between the British Government and that of France on this matter will be at once presented to the House, and it will be of advantage that they should be in the hands of hon. Members before I answer the noble Lord's Questions.