HC Deb 25 July 1881 vol 263 c1746

asked the Secretary to the Admiralty, If he can state why the names of the retired Chief Gunners, Boatswains, and Carpenters do not appear in the Navy List, in the same manner as those of other retired Officers, notwithstanding that they hold Commissions; and, whether such Officers will be allowed special pensions in cases similar to those of other Officers also retired?


The Admiralty will consider whether the names of retired chief gunners, boatswains, and carpenters are to appear on the Navy List. I own myself unable to give the hon. Member any reason why they do not, except the list as at present professes to be a list of retired and not pensioned officers. The term "special pension" I do not quite understand. These officers have a higher rate of pension than ordinary warrant officers; but they have no Greenwich Hospital pension assigned to their class, but are considered with the whole body of warrant officers for the same set of pensions.