HC Deb 18 July 1881 vol 263 cc1112-3

asked the Financial Secretary to the Treasury, in reference to works on Bumatroshan Pier, co. Donegal, If he could state what is the amount of the contract for this work; the date at which contractor was bound to complete work; the total amount actually paid to contractor; and the several amounts paid on account of such works, and to whom and for what such amounts were paid; if the work is yet completed; and, if not, how soon it will be; if time of contract has already run over; and, in this case, if Board of Works will levy any penalties; if any extra works besides those mentioned in contract have been ordered to be executed by the contractor, the nature of such works, and the price paid or to be paid for them; and, how soon the extra works, amounting to £980, mentioned in Return 244, will be commenced, as the people in the district are in sore need of employment?


Sir, the amount of the contract for this work was £1,900, and £1,898 has been paid to the contractor, besides which only some £16 has been paid for expenses. The work is all but completed, although the contract time does not expire until the 1st of October next. Extra works were required to the value of £68; on the other hand, there were savings of £70. The extra works referred to in the last paragraph of the Question will, I am informed, be commenced immediately.