HC Deb 18 July 1881 vol 263 cc1233-4

, in moving for leave to introduce a Bill to make provision for the payment by reduced instalments of loans under "The Seed Supply (Ireland) Act, 1880," and for other purposes, said, that a large sum of money had been advanced for the purchase of seed in Ireland; but it had been found that some of the Unions to whom the money had been advanced desired to postpone the repayment. The object of this Bill was to enable the Boards of Guardians, with the assent of the Local Government Board, to obtain a division of repayment over a period of two years of every sum due in one year. The effect would be that, while there were a certain number of Unions making their payments this year, and others, whose payments were postponed till next year, those who had to repay this year would have their payments divided into moieties, one this year and one next year, and those whose payments had been postponed till next year would repay in four years instead of two. The only other provision in the Bill was to remove a difficulty which had not been foreseen. Power was taken to grant money to some Boards of Guardians, while the provision for giving outdoor relief was in force. That provision had ceased, and grants of money could not be made unless this Bill was accepted. He hoped the Bill would receive the general agreement of the House.

Motion agreed to. Bill to make provision for the payment by reduced instalments of Loans under "The Seed Supply (Ireland) Act, 1880;" and to amend and explain "The Relief of Distress (Ireland) Amendment Act, 1880," and "The Local Government Board (Ireland) Act, 1872," ordered to be brought in by Mr. WILLIAM EDWARD FORSTER, Lord FREDERICK CAVENDISH, and Mr. SOLICITOR GENERAL for IRELAND.

Bill presented, and read the first time. [Bill 217.]

House adjourned at Three o'clock.