HC Deb 07 July 1881 vol 263 cc256-7

asked the First Lord of the Treasury, When the further Papers relating to South Africa will be published, and whether they will include Mr. Forssman's letter and any other Memorials addressed to Her Majesty's Government from the Transvaal; whether any communications have passed between Her Majesty's Government and the present Government of the Cape Colony with reference to the Basutos; and, if so, whether those communications will be included in the Papers?


The Papers relating to the Transvaal will be placed in the hands of hon. Members to-morrow. The Memorials referring to claims only will not be included, as they are only documents of first instance which must be referred to the re-assembled Commissioners before the Government will be in a condition to ask for a judgment upon them. Upon the subject of Basutoland, there are certain communications between the Government and the new Ministry at the Cape; but they are incomplete, and will not be comprised in the Papers to be distributed to-morrow. In case we should, as I hope we may, conclude the Committee on the Land Law (Ireland) Bill in the course of next week, towards the close or by the close, we shall be ready to appropriate the Monday in the following week, the first clear day at our command, to take the debate on the Transvaal.


Am I right in inferring that we are to know nothing of the claims made for compensation until they are decided on?


I have not said as much as that; but we do not propose to present to the House any document of that kind at the present stage.