HC Deb 07 July 1881 vol 263 cc260-1

gave Notice that to-morrow he would ask the Prime Minister whether he would personally communicate with His Royal Highness the Ranger of Windsor Park, for the purpose of obtaining admission, for Members of both Houses of Parliament wishing to attend the Review, to the reserved space enclosed in the Park on either hand of the position occupied by Her Majesty on that occasion?


The First Lord of the Treasury has asked me, with reference to the Notice just given, to read a letter I received two or three minutes ago after the Questions that were put to me. It is from Mr. Charles Gore, the First Commissioner of Woods and Forests. He says— I have made further inquiry to-day, by telegram, as to the possibility, if required, of making an enclosure for Peers and Members of Parliament. The existing enclosures are in front of the line of carriages. Any further enclosures will necessarily reduce the space available for the general public. Enclosed in that letter is another—not from the Ranger himself, who at the moment the inquiry was made was away, but from a gentleman in the Office, whose name I cannot be quite stir of; but which, as well as I can make out, appears to be Simmons. He uses these words— An enclosure could be formed of hurdles, either for the foot people or for carriages. There are no stands. Prince Christian thinks the enclosures would shut out the view of the general public.


I beg to give Notice that on going into Committee of Supply I shall move— That, in the opinion of this House, it is desirable that the charge of Windsor Park be transferred from the Commissioners of Woods, Forests, and Land Revenues to the Commissioners of Her Majesty's Works and Public Buildings.