HC Deb 05 July 1881 vol 263 c50

said, he wished to ask a Question arising out of an answer given by the hon. Baronet the Under Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs to the hon. Member for Gloucester (Mr. Monk). He wished to know, Whether the French Treaty was to be extended for three months after the 8th of November?


in reply, said, the French Treaty Tariffs would come to an end on the 8th of November, and there was a Bill now before the French Chambers to enable the Government to prolong them for a further period of three months in the event of negotiations for the conclusion of a new Tariff being still pending. The French Government had made proposals to several other Powers to enter into negotiations, and if the negotiations were still proceeding on the 8th of November, the French Government would propose the prolongation of the Tariffs for three months.