HC Deb 01 July 1881 vol 262 cc1831-2

asked the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, Whether John R. Heffernan, a suspect detained in Limerick Gaol under the Coercion Act, who is described in the warrant issued for his arrest by the Lord Lieutenant as "John R. Heffernan, Glencam, Whitechurch," has been wrongly imprisoned, as he never lived in Whitechurch parish, but in Glencoom, Grenagh, and not "Glencam, Whitechurch," as stated in the warrant; and, whether any such crimes as Mr. Heffernan is charged with, viz. "entering and taking forcible possession of farms, and general riot and assault," have been committed in the above-mentioned district?


in reply, said, he was advised that Mr. Heffernan was sufficiently identified by the warrant, that his detention under it was legal, and that the error—if there was an error—in incorrectly naming the place of abode, was not material. The warrant which described the offence did not state the district in which it was committed.


said, the right hon. Gentleman had omitted to answer the last portion of the Question.


said, he had not had time to inquire into the matter. He supposed that from the character of the previous answer the hon. Member would not have considered it necessary to ask it. He evidently supposed that the warrant must show that the crime of which he was reasonably suspected had been committed in the district in which the person was described as residing; but the hon. Member must be now aware that that was not so. He (Mr. W. E. Forster) supposed he was under that impression; but if he particularly wished to know about this district, or about any other, if he gave him two or three days' Notice he would give him the information about it.