HC Deb 22 February 1881 vol 258 c1518

asked the First Commissioner of Works, Whether he can inform the House what steps have been taken, since an additional sum was last Session voted for that purpose, to accelerate the completion of the Ordnance Survey?


Sir, in reply to the Question of my hon. and learned Friend, I have to say that in consequence of the promise given last Session every endeavour has been made to accelerate the survey. A Supplementary Estimate for £5,000 was voted at the end of last Session. I shall ask shortly for another Supplementary Estimate for the current year of £3,000, and for next year the Vote asked for will be £40,000 in excess of last year. This will enable a very considerable acceleration of the survey, as much as will be possible within the time, and with some further increase in subsequent years the survey may be completed by the year 1890.