HC Deb 10 February 1881 vol 258 cc508-9

Mr. Speaker, I am desirous of asking your advice and instruction as regards a point that will arise in connection with the Protection of Person and Property Bill under the new Rules. I was desirous to move, on the Motion that you do leave the Chair, that it be an Instruction to the Committee to extend the provisions of this Bill to the entire of the United Kingdom. Under the new Bales which provide that you, Sir, shall leave the Chair without Question or Motion, and that the Preamble of the Bill shall be postponed in a similar way, the Clerk of the Table has informed mo that he could not take such a Resolution as the one I propose to put, and I am apprehensive lest I should be told it was without the powers of the Committee to introduce such a provision by way of Amendment, and I am, therefore, in great difficulty as to how I shall bring forward the proposal I wish to put.


If the hon. Member desires to move an Amendment which is beyond the competency of the Committee to entertain, such an Amendment may be moved on the Report, or in the event of there being no Report of the Bill, he may still move it on the third reading by re-committing the Bill, with an instruction to introduce the Amendment which the hon. Member desires to move.

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