HC Deb 19 August 1881 vol 265 c365

wished to make an explanation in reference to a Question which he put to the Chief Secretary in Committee of Supply last night, and which the right hon. Gentleman was unable to answer, as it did not appear on the Paper. The Question related to the alleged assistance given to the Orange Emergency Committee by Captain M'Calmont, one of the aides-de-camp to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, who was reported to have purchased for the Committee a large quantity of agricultural implements.


said, he considered the Question irregular, and one that could not be put to a Minister.


explained that since he handed in the Notice he had received information which led him to suppose that his informant was in error. The information was to the effect that a prominent member of the Emergency Committee, or Property Defence Association, had a similar name to Captain M'Calmont, and he supposed his informant was mistaken. He did not know for certain whether this was the fact. If it was not the fact, he was surprised that his informant should have committed the error, as he was in a position to satisfy himself exactly as to the facts. As the statement appeared to be in error, he (Mr. Parnell) wished to explain to the House that he regretted that he should have put the Question.