HC Deb 19 August 1881 vol 265 cc357-8

asked the Secretary of State for War, Whether there is an Officer of the Army Hospital Corps who has held the relative rank of Captain for twenty-five years; whether another Officer of the Army Hospital Corps has as such frequently sat as President of Courts Martial; whether another Officer of the Army Hospital Corps has been the bona fide Commanding Officer of a force of officers and men about equal to that of a regiment; and, whether there is any precedent for making Quartermasters of Officers with such antecedents as these Officers; and, if not, whether he thinks it wise to establish a precedent in case of Officers promoted from the ranks?


The best reply to the hon. Member's four Questions, which it would be difficult, if not impossible, in the compass of a mere answer to a Question to explain clearly to the House, is that, as I have already hinted in reply to a Question some weeks ago, I have formally offered to all the officers of the Army Hospital Corps the option of remaining with their old status, and under the former Warrant, or of receiving the benefits of the new Warrant, with the change of title. If they elect the former, their choice must be final.