HC Deb 12 August 1881 vol 264 cc1816-7

It may be to the convenience of the House that I should state that in consequence of the prolonged proceedings which we understand to have taken place in the House of Lords on the Land Law (Ireland) Bill, we do not propose to ask the House to proceed with that measure to-morrow. We will take it on Monday. To-morrow, at 12, we propose to take the Navy Estimates.


was bound to say that this statement had taken the House with surprise, and that the proposed arrangements would be very inconvenient to many hon. Members. [Laughter.] Hon. Members opposite were prepared to laugh at any statement; but it was a fact that many hon. Gentlemen would come down tomorrow for the purpose of discussing the subject which the Prime Minister had said early in the evening would come on for consideration. There was, of course, no help for it if the Prime Minister had made up his mind; but hon. Members should have been told about it sooner, so that other arrangements could have been made.


I must say I am surprised to hear the hon. and gallant Baronet speak in this strain. It is, of course, necessary for us to do all we can to save the time of the House, and to bring on this important Bill at the earliest possible moment for the convenience of Members. But what would have been said of the Government if we had come down here at 12 o'clock to-morrow to consider the Lords' Amendments without having had those Amendments printed? I am sorry our arrangements must give inconvenience to anyone; but that inconvenience will be felt on all sides of the House.


I quite agree that it would be far more convenient to have another day to consider the Lords' Amendments before we discuss them here. As they have come down to us at such a late hour, no doubt it would be advisable to defer their consideration until Monday. I am not sure whether it would not have been better to have fixed Monday in the first instance, as that would have saved the necessity of putting many hon. Members to inconvenience. No doubt, the day was originally fixed with the best intentions; but we cannot help regretting that hon. Gentlemen should be put to inconvenience.