HC Deb 08 August 1881 vol 264 c1196

asked the Secretary to the Board of Trade, Whether, looking at the great importance of preserving the land forming part of the Paddington Estate, and at present unbuilt on, as a Park for the people, the Ecclesiastical Commissioners will for a reasonable time withhold their consent to any operations which may lead to the erection of buildings on the land and thus to the prevention of any possibility of its preservation as an open space; and give such other facilities for the carrying out of the project in the way of the price of the land and otherwise as may be in their power?


Sir, everybody must approve the object which the Committee over which the hon. and learned Gentleman the Recorder presides has in view—namely, securing a public park for Paddington; and although I have been unable, owing to their dispersion for the Recess, to communicate with my Colleagues since this Question appeared on the Paper, I feel sure, from my knowledge of their sentiments, that, assuming the pecuniary interests of which they are guardians to be duly protected, they would be most desirous to give all proper facilities for attaining it. The Ecclesiastical Commissioners have already informed the Paddington Park Committee of their readiness to part with their interest in the land on certain named terms per acre; and I feel sure that if an agreement, whether conditional on the money being raised within a specified time or otherwise, be come to on behalf of the Paddington Park Committee, the Commissioners would be quite ready to afford a reasonable time for carrying out any proposed arrangement.