HC Deb 08 August 1881 vol 264 c1342

Order for Consideration, as amended, read.


On Thursday I appealed to the hon. Member for Cavan (Mr. Biggar) to take off his objection to this Bill. He said he would consult the hon. Member for the City of Cork (Mr. Parnell) on the subject. The blocking Notice, however, has not been removed. I would repeat my appeal. It is necessary that the Bill should pass, because unless it is accepted the soldier is likely to suffer very materially.


said, that he must have forgotten on Friday to speak to his hon. Friend the Member for the City of Cork, and on Saturday he (Mr. Biggar) was not in the House. To-day his hon. Friend was not present; but he hoped to-morrow to be able to ask him about it. He should be prepared to take off the Notice; but he had given a positive promise to the hon. Member for the City of Cork that he would not remove it until he (Mr. Parnell) had had an opportunity of moving an Amendment.


remarked, that on Friday he saw both hon. Members in the House, and was somewhat surprised that the Notice had not been removed. He trusted, however, that the hon. Member for Cavan would take an opportunity of conferring with his hon. Friend.

Consideration, as amended, deferred, till To-morrow.