HC Deb 02 August 1881 vol 264 cc558-9

asked the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, Whether his attention has been directed to the fact that eggs poisoned with strychnine have been placed, for the preservation of game, in a wood, the property of Mr. Richard Longfield, Boherbee, County Cork, within three hundred yards of the houses of some of his tenants; whether the wood, containing a well from which these people are supplied with water, may be entered by several open gaps; whether four children belonging to one of Mr. Long field's tenants, a widow, on finding one of those poisoned eggs, ate it, and were instantly seized by an attack of cramps and vomiting; whether three of them were dangerously ill for many days, and the fourth for many weeks; whether the police authorities, as well as the dispensary doctor of the district, are not acquainted with this case; and, whether the statutable notice required was given in this case?


in reply, said, that he found, on inquiry, that the statements contained in the Question of the hon. Member were true. Poisoned eggs for the preservation of game were placed within 300 yards of the houses of some of the tenants of the estate; and four children who, on finding one of the eggs, ate it, were seized with cramp and vomiting. He was glad to say, however, they had recovered. Mr. Longfield had caused every attention to be paid to the children, had paid the doctor's fees, and sent money to the parents. It appeared that notices of the eggs were posted in the wood, but were not sent to the Constabulary until after the accident. He had no doubt that what had occurred would be a great lesson to Mr. Long-field and to other persons; and he hoped and believed that such a thing would not occur again.