HC Deb 01 August 1881 vol 264 c360

asked the Secretary of State for the Home Department, If he is aware that, although many of the principal jewellers and silversmiths have complied with the provisions of "The Weights and Measures Act, 1878," whereby the adoption of a decimal system of weights, with the ounce troy and grain as bases, was made compulsory on jewellers and silversmiths, no effort has been made to enforce this provision generally; and, whether he will direct measures to be taken either to repeal the section, or compel its uniform observance?


said, he had been requested by his right hon. Friend to reply to this Question. The adoption of the troy system of weights for certain articles was made permissive, not compulsory, by the 20th section of the Act referred to in the Question of the hon. and learned Member. He had no power to enforce the uniform adoption of the principle, nor did he think it desirable.