HC Deb 01 August 1881 vol 264 c451

(Mr. Healy, Mr. Gray, Mr. Barry.)

Lords' Amendment considered.


said, he understood that there had been an Amendment made by the Lords which was a breach of the Privileges of the House of Commons. Personally, he should have no objection to it; but as it was a breach of the Privileges of the Commons, he would move to disagree with the Lords in the said Amendment.

Motion agreed to.

Committee appointed, "to draw up Reasons to be assigned to The Lords for disagreeing to the Amendment made by The Lords to the Coroners Bill:"—Mr. HEALY, Mr. ATTORNEY GENERAL, Mr. OSBORNE MORGAN, Mr. O'DONNELL, Colonel BARTTELOT, and Lord FREDERICK CAVENDISH:—Three to be the quorum:—To withdraw immediately.

Reason for disagreement to The Lords Amendmentreported, and agreed to:—To be communicated to The Lords.