HC Deb 08 April 1881 vol 260 cc1009-10

NEW WRIT ISSUED—For Chester County (Western Division), v. Sir Philip De Malpas Grey Egerton, baronet, deceased.

PRIVATE BILLS (by Order)—Second Reading—Medway Conservancy (No. 1)*.

Considered as amended—Skipton and Kettlewell Railway (Extension to Aysgarth).

PUBLIC BILLS—OrderedFirst Reading—Bankruptcy [137].

Second Reading—Local Government (Highways) Provisional Order (York)* [132]; Local Government Provisional Orders (Poor Law)* [130]; Local Government Provisional Orders (Bath, &c.)* [131]; Inland Revenue Build- ings* [125]; Churchwardens (Admission) [47], debate adjourned.

Committee—Teinds (Scotland)* [118]—R.P.; River Floods Prevention* [35], discharged; and Bill committed to the Select Committee on the Rivers Conservancy and Floods Prevention Bill.

CommitteeReport—Married Women's Property (Scotland) (re-comm.)* [128].

Report—Inclosure Provisional Order (Thurstaston Common)* [122].

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