HC Deb 01 April 1881 vol 260 c452

NEW WRITS ISSUED—For St. Ives, v. Sir Charles Reed, knight, deceased; for Northampton Borough, v. Charles Bradlaugh, esquire, who, since his election, has vacated his seat in Parliament by sitting and voting in this House without having taken and subscribed the oath prescribed by Law.

PRIVATE BILL (by Order)—Second Reading—London and South Western Railway.

PUBLIC BILLs—OrderedFirst Beading—Local Government Provisional Orders (Poor Law)* [130].

Report—Inclosure Provisional Order (Beamsley Moor)* [112]; Inclosure Provisional Order (Langbar Moor)* [111].

Third Reading—Local Government (Ireland) Provisional Orders (Clonakilty, &c.)* [103], and passed.